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Les sculptures de Jean Morgan

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Wood stove


The round shape of this stove has been the subject of an in-depth study which makes it non-deformable and allows an optimal distribution of heat.

This stove is made of special steel, 3 mm thick, which gives it a ruggedness.

The simplicity of the locking and the hinges ensures a perfect and lasting tightness.

Thanks to this total tightness, this stove can transform wood into charcoal, before consuming it, for great economy and long autonomy (more than 24 hours).

A thermostat automatically regulates the air intake.

The combustion tank can accommodate one meter logs, which are cheaper to buy and can be oriented in relation to the chimney.

It can heat a volume of 60 to 600 m3. The stove is cleaned (ash collection) once a month and can be done without dust by using an adaptable ashtray.

The oven performs the double function: possible cooking of food and heat recovery.

The MORGAN 1150 can be adjusted in height by mounting the adjustment column.

The balanced and harmonious aesthetic of this stove allows integration into all modern and old interiors.

The MORGAN 1150 obtained a gold medal at the Salon des Inventeurs 1984, the quality label of the Design Center in Brussels, the Prize of the City of Virton in 1985 in the Créaction competition and the Prize of the Minister of the Environment in the Lépine competition in Paris in 1986.

Wood stove Wood stove
Stainless steel chassis
Overhead door
Armored door
Stainless steel table
Stainless steel table
Stainless steel table